Buyer Own Designs Welcome

" Steak Marker " Pick  - 65mm


Well Done / Medium Well / Medium / Medium Rare  

Bamboo / Wooden Skewer - Length : 12cm / 15cm / 18cm / 20cm / 25cm / 30cm

White Frill Pick - 65mm /  100mm

Wooden Coffee Stirrer - 140 x 5 x 1mm / 140 x 5 x 2mm


Bamboo Fork  -  9cm / Wooden Cutlery

(Knife, Fork, Spoon)


Wooden French Fries Fork - 8.5cm

Plastic Butterfly Pick 18cm

1,000's Toothpick In Window Box

200's Toothpick in Plastic Container

120's Toothpick in Plastic Holder

Angelfish Pick 10cm

5 x 100's Toothpick in Plastic Holder

Foil Sunflower Pick 15cm

Palm Whisk Pick 10cm

50's toothpicks In paper holder

( 6 set in white box with cellophane wrapped )

Knotted Top Bamboo Pick

( Noshi Kushi )

Parasol Pick - 10cm

Custom Logo Printed


Paper Flag Stick With Holder

Hawaii Parasol Pick 15cm

Knife Top Bamboo Pick

( Teppo Kushi )

Frill Pick 65mm or 100mm

Custom Logo Printing Flag Pick

"Circus"  Party Pick 15cm

Small Fruit Pick 10cm

Peacock Stick


Toothpick In Cellophane Wrapped

Toothpick In Paper Wrapped

Fair Lady Pick 15cm

Flag Pick 65mm & Flag Straw 24cm - Assorted (different nations)

200's Starch toothpicks in Plastic Holder  

Bamboo / Wooden


Parrot with Foil Feather Pick - 15cm

"Christmas" Party Pick - 15cm

Chenille Party Pick 15cm - ( Custom Design Welcom )


Palm "Rocket + Heart"  Pick 15cm

X7P-100  Fish / Bird Pick - 15cm

"Marine" Party Picks 15cm -4 Assorted

Animals Picks 15cm - 5 Assorted ( Elephant , Cat , Dog , Rabbit , Pig & Frog )

Giraffe Pick 15cm

Watch  Pick 15cm  /   Ghost Pick 15cm


Foil Sparkle Pick  20cm

 Halloween Pick - 15cm / Straw - 24cm ( 4 Assorted )

 "Joker" Party Pick 15cm / Straw 24cm

Dinosaurier Pick 15cm - 10 Assorted

Ice Cream Baby Pick 15cm

Dargon Pick

WindMill Pick - 15cm


Cake Decoration Pick / Clown Pick 68mm

Palm "Rocket" Pick - 15cm

Chenille Clown Pick 15cm

Ice-cream Rosette 110mm


 Wooden Ring Candle Holder Set - Ø18cm

Frog, Corsair & Ostrich   Pick 15cm 4 Asst. Party Pick 15cm Foil Frill Pick 68mm

Surf Pick - 20cm & New Surf Pick 10cm

EVA Party Pick - Buyer Own Design Welcome Foil Parasol Pick - 10cm 4 Step Foil Palm Tree Pick - 20cm
"Joker" Party Pick 15cm

 Butterfly In Blossom Pick - 15cm

"Sun With Palm" Party Pick 20cm "Palm Leaf" Party Pick 15cm Foil Lantern Pick 15cm


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