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Table Confetti

OEM design are welocme

(Heart With Hole, Sunflower, Eye mask, Skeleton, Deer, Santa, Bear, Star, Snowflake, Star in Circle, Circle, Angel, Fine gliter, Birhtday cake, Square, Tringle, Turkey, Sequin, Balloon, Wooden Horse, Bufferfly, Moon, Bat, Bell, Presents, Rabbit, Pumpkin, Wine Glass, Dancing, Just Married, Baby, Happy Birthday, Happy New Year, Congradulations, l love you, Good luck, Party, Baby, Nurser, Birds, Umbrella, New Born, Party Hats & Mask, Orchestera & melody, Farm animals, Wild animals. Sea naimals, Graduation... ...)


"Love Arrow" Stirrer - 16cm

Glass Marks Assorted (7 types)

Table Cloth Clip

"Bean" Party Pick 85mm

Bar Caddy - L:240xW:150xH:105mm

Bendable Drinking Straw - 27.5cm X Ø 6mm

Flamingo Straw 24cm

Elephant / Camal / Giraffe Cocktail Stirrer 14.5cm

Cocktail Fork 15cm / Stirrer 19cm Assorted (4 types)

Party Fork 85mm - 6 Assorted

 Plastic Coffee Stirrer 11cm

Plastic Toothpick Goose Feather - 45mm


HAND FLAG - L : 50cm, 40cm, 20cm, 15cm

Foil Palm Tree Straw - 24cm

Parasol Straw 24cm

  Windmill Straw 24cm 

Windmill Pick 15cm & 10cm


Marda Gras Straw - 24cm

New Halloween Straw - 24cm ( 4 Assorted )

Round Crystal Stirrer - 15cm

Steak Marker - 8cm

 Medium / Rare / Medium Rare / Medium Well / Well 


"Spray" Party Pick 85mm


Tonic Stamper - 17cm

Plastic Product - Glittery

Mini Spoon - 6.5cm

Crazy Straw

Plastic Mini Toys

Mini Kaleidoscope, Prsim Scope, Cars, Yo Yo, Watch,Spining Top, Flying  Saucers, Water Gun, Party Clacker, Click Click Ball, Plane, Truck, Boat, Helicopter, Pop N Catch, Stretch Bracelets, Mini Fun Puzzle.. ..  


Plastic Stirrer with Logo Printed

Plastic Stirrer with Logo Embossed

Silver Sword 11cm or 7cm


Bus-Stop Stirrer 17cm

"Tropical" Party Straw 24cm


"Siren" Cocktail Pick 85mm


Kids Paint Art Set

88 x 8mm Color Pen & 8 x 10cm Drawing Book  88 x 8mm Crayon & 15 x 10.5cm Drawing Paper

Plastic Happy Birthday Banner - 90cm

"Birthday Cake" Straw - 24cm

"Birthday Cake" Pick - 10cm

"Champagne" Straw - 24cm

Wheel / Flamingo / Sea Horse / Siren / Sailing Boat / Snooker / Tennis / Golf / Palm Tree / Punch / Man / Horse Shoe Cocktail Stirrer 14.5~18cm


Heart with Palm Straw 24cm

Foil Flower Palm Straw 24cm & Pick 15cm

Drinking Straw - Length : 12.5cm / 21cm / 24cm / 34cm / 1m

4 Asst. Cocktail Straw  34cm /  4 Asst. Cocktail Palm Tree Pick 15cm

Foil Palm Tree With Monkey Straw 24cm



Ice Cooler - "Star" &  "Heart"

Cocktail Fork 19.5cm

Siren / Car / Pineapple / Coco Palm / Daimond
Cocktail Stirrer  20.5~24.5cm

Spoon Straws - 20cm

 Santa Claus Straw 24cm

Plastic Palm Tree 8cm /

Clown Nose

Flat Stirrer 16cm Sun Glass Straw 24cm Boys And Girls Straw 24cm
Diamond Pick 9cm / Star Pick 9cm / Ball Top Pick 9cm / Palm Tree Pick 10cm Triangle Crystal Prism Pick - 9cm  /  11.5cm Ice Cooler - Fruit Age Balloon 
Heart Balloon \ Balloon Accessories  Balloon Accessories

Balloon Sticks & Balloon Straps

Rocket Balloon New Year Eve Straw 24cm

"Heart" Stirrer - 17.5cm

Large Fruit Straw 34cm

Corn Holder - 62mm

6's Funny Face Balloon Set   

Peacock Straw 24cm


"Heart" Party Pick 85mm / Feather Masks

Plastic Coffee Stirrer

"Flower" Party Fork 85mm

Luau Accessories -  Head Bands /  Leis / Wristlets

Easter Decorations Folding Fans Party Popper

(Spring or Compressed Air)

Arrow Pick 85mm / Scout Pick 9cm
Shower Caps "Star" Stirrer - 17.5cm Fruit Straws 24cm  Clips - Wood or Plastic
Plastic Poncho Disposable Gloves Plastic Table Cloth Shower Curtain With Hooks